Monday, February 23, 2009

Let Us Run Together

"Draw me. Let us run together..."
Song of Solomon 1:4

I've been thinking a lot about relationships lately. A while ago, I realized that I pretty much have the same objective in all my relationships. As a wife, mother, or friend, I basically have the same goal: to come along side the other person to encourage and support them in becoming the person God created them to be as they seek to discover and fulfill their purpose and calling. It sounds lofty and I guess it is, but what else matters? Sometimes it's not at all clear...and yet, there is an intuitive knowing from the Spirit that guides us if we allow ourselves to be drawn. And there is always choice...will they accept the invitation to run together?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Broccoli Tree

This is one of my favorite trees as a child.

What fun
peering into the foliage
exploring every limb and leaf and flower
delighting in the games
shadow and light play
chasing each other along the trunk
flitting across the crown
hiding in the secret places
surrounded by emerald treasure...

Until mother says,
"Stop playing with your food."

Sitting With Trees

I'm working on a new book. I had been working on another book (called My Heart Opens which is mostly formatted and written) but I've set it aside to attend to Sitting With Trees. Trees have been calling to me for a while...I've been on a "tree jag" for about 6 months with my art but it goes back farther than that: I've had a life-long love affair with trees.

As a child, I spent hours playing in the woods, climbing trees, and making tree forts. Later as a graduate student, I took courses in Botany and Plant Ecology and did research on the Oak trees and Acorn Woodpeckers of Oregon. As an adult, I’ve regularly retreated to the woods for silence and prayer.

Only recently have I learned to sit with trees and listen to what they had to teach me. Sitting With Trees is a collection of the images and words that have come from my time sitting with trees. (I'm not sure when Sitting With Trees will be still seems to be developing so I'm not sure of the "due date" for the birth of this new one, however you are getting a preview of some of the art and writing on my blog.)

Monday, February 2, 2009

End of Season

The last of the grapes have been gleaned by the jays. The dangling vine stretches out it's silver leaves to take in the waning light and warmth. Time to gather and pull in. It's the end of the season.

We surrender to the rhythm and wait...the grapevine and I.