Thursday, January 22, 2009

Coming to Faith

"The functional definition of faith is accepting reality". (Unknown)

I was confused by this statement when I first heard it 5 or 6 years ago. I could see that it took faith to accept or face reality, but faith being "an acceptance of reality" didn't make sense to me. I actually was a bit resistant to the idea; something about it agitated me. I still can't say that I understand it but but for some reason, the statement now is intriguing and hopeful to me. Perhaps it has to do with coming to a new understanding of faith that makes me feel as though I am coming to faith for the first time.

a free fall
vulnerable yet unafraid
clarity in uncertainty
all that is needed has been freely given
no longer contending
without resistance, without striving...
open and receptive
embracing this place, this time
all is gift
untethering beliefs
opening to true faith
ultimate, daring trust
sustaining, upholding
all that is...
one with God...
coming to faith for the first time.


  1. Beautiful words. Beautiful image, Kathy.

    Seems it fits well with your Byron Katie wisdom.

    Kierkegaard spoke of finitutde and infinitude, possibility and necessity, and temporal and eternal---"tensions" that must hold together.


  2. Perhaps it's time for me to read some Kierkegaard...any suggestions on where to start?

    When do you want to paint?